Google Maps for your codebase


Think of Zevo as Google Maps for your codebase. It revolutionises codebase knowledge management by offering visual insights and addressing challenges in understanding complex codebases.

🚫 The problem

As tech leaders and software developers, understanding large codebases and their dependencies is crucial, especially in complex microservices and legacy code environments. Further accentuating its impact on onboarding and developer productivity.

Zevo replaces

  • Outdated documentation

  • Static analysis

  • Peer discussions during sprint cycles

🎯Key Metrics addressed

  • Reduces Tech Onboarding Time to Less Than a Week

  • Cuts MTTR by 50%

  • Minimizes Rollbacks to <5%

🎁Whats in offer offers code visualisation and dependency analysis tool. It provides semantic search, clear code flow diagrams, and facilitates various workflows, enabling developers to ask questions, understand data flows, plan features, and troubleshoot issues efficiently. All in all emulating human engineer understanding.

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