On Prem

Setup your own infra

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On-premise option, we customise our model configuration to integrate seamlessly with the client's private cloud infrastructure. This involves granting access to the following infrastructure components (Estimates based on 200MB of codebase):

  • 8 GB of GPU through AWS machine learning service.

  • ec2 instance with 4GB RAM on demand (2GB fixed and 2GB on demand) and 2 GHz processing power (t3.medium).

  • 30 GB of PostgreSQL database on Amazon RDS.

This configuration process is typically completed within approximately two days. Post which every differential change in code takes 5 minutes to update.

We analyze your code, we do so within your environment, and we do not store your code.

Contact us for on an prem solution at srikanth@zevo.ai or priyanshu@zevo.ai

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